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There are many claims of what a custom-built home is or should be. There are titles ranging from semi-custom built to full-custom homes, but many clients initially ask "What is a Mark Sullivan Builders custom home?"

In simple terms, a Mark Sullivan Builders custom built home is all about you - the homeowner. Mark Sullivan will gladly meet with you and first help you decide where your home will be built.  Whether you are planning on building a lot in a subdivision or on that piece of farmland that you have had your heart set on since childhood, Mark Sullivan Builders will aid you through the process of placing your dream home in your dream location.

Once the "where" is determined, Mark Sullivan Builders will work with you to create what your home is going to be.  Whether you have a set of finely tuned blueprints on hand or a simple idea drawn on a table napkin, Mark Sullivan Builders' skilled draftsman will turn the idea in your head into a home-design reality.  Soon, the question of "what" begins to turn into when and howMark Sullivan Builders will give you an overview of the phases of construction and when these phases will take place as they pertain to your timetable.  That only leaves the question of who.

If you're reading this, you already know who. With all the individualized care taken by Mark Sullivan Builders to ensure that your home is unique and meets you and your family's distinct needs, shouldn't the question be who else?